A COSTA VERDE arquitetura e imóveis,

designed by its managing partner, architect, urban planner and real estate consultant, Francisco Eduardo de Albuquerque Caldeira, has been in the Costa Verde region for over 30 years developing architecture projects, economic and environmental feasibility studies, working on licensing and legalization processes, construction management, real estate advisory and brokerage for the purchase and sale of real estate.


We have the experience of a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals, seeking to meet our customers with satisfaction, considering all as partners and important references.


The company has considerably increased its client and real estate registration and valued its projects in general, interacting with several professionals and other companies in the region, in the country and abroad, seeking its growth together with its partners and partners. employees through the success of their business and the satisfaction of their customers.

Francisco Eduardo de Albuquerque Caldeira" Duda Caldeira," He is best known in the region and is born in Rio de Janeiro's Urca neighborhood in 1960. He studied at Santo Inácio College at Gama Filho University, graduating in Architecture and Urbanism at Bennet Integrated Colleges in 1986. He is also a Transaction Technician. real estate and investment, real estate broker and consultant, always studious and participant of events related to his professional activities is part of a family fully involved in the design and execution of national and international architectural projects, construction and real estate projects. From an early age, he was an intern and worked in large offices, such as architect Paulo Casé in Rio de Janeiro, also associated and in partnership with other architects and engineers, always in the field of architecture, construction and real estate. An Angra fan and navigator from an early age, as soon as he graduated, he traveled as a professional sailor from Rio de Janeiro to Sardinia in Italy across oceans to compete in international regattas. In this way, as an architect you can know various ports around the world, various types of occupations, constructions and peculiarities of different peoples on the seashore. Upon returning to Brazil in 1987, he continued some of his projects already started and the execution of works in Angra dos Reis, where he chose to live and develop his profession. He specialized in the implementation of works on slopes and by the sea, designing, building, renovating and developing business mainly between Mangaratiba, Angra dos Reis and Paraty, places where we normally find delicate and peculiar ecosystems that need special attention in the processes of occupation and investment. For several years, he had professionals from different backgrounds, but with hard work and selection criteria, today he has a team of Angra dos Reis residents, most of whom are very capable of developing their projects, economic feasibility studies and environmental, administration and execution of works, real estate advisory and intermediation of buying and selling real estate. For eight years as a member and Councilor of CREA / RJ in the Municipal Council of Urbanism and Environment of the City Hall of Angra dos Reis (CMUMA), participated discussions on the Municipal Master Plan regarding development, occupation and land use in the municipality, exchanging experiences with various City Hall professionals, from different state and federal environmental agencies, and members of various segments of organized civil society, in the analysis of laws and large projects proposed for the city.Still effectively participates in studies and discussions about environmentally sound solutions, urban planning proposals and especially technical solutions to be applied in sustainable architecture projects, in order to collaborate with the planning of the city's growth in an orderly and sustainable manner.