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Gerador à diesel de 5 KVA;
Cisterna com 10.000 litros;
3 caixas d´água de 1.000 litros;
Praia particular com 20,00 metros de frente;
Cais de pedra com 12,00 metros de extensão;
Quiosque com 60,00m2.
A propriedade é totalmente silenciosa, privativa, recebe sol o dia inteiro e é livre de umidade por ser voltada para o Norte. Banhada por uma enseada de águas calmas e cristalinas, protegida de ventos fortes do Sul e da navegação de outras embarcações, o local é próprio para a prática de esqui aquático. Cenário cinematográfico com uma linda vista do por do sol, do mar e da vegetação exuberante.
Ilha Comprida, in Brazil's stunning Angra dos Reis, the property has a beautiful beach, surrounded by crystal-clear water. It is ideally situated and sheltered from the wind, 1km from the continent.

The topography perfectly accommodates a helicopter landing pad. A simple, two/three-bedroom house with a stunning ocean view is nestled on the island, complete with an open kitchen and living room. Additionally, the island features a small dock as well a kaleidoscope of amazing vegetation and animal life. A septic system and rain-fed running water, as well as reservoirs for 13,000 liters, keeping the island well-maintained.

Ilha Comprida is very accessible, 380 km from São Paulo and 150 km from Rio de Janeiro- 5 minutes from the continent with a powerboat ride.

The property is surrounded by Atlantic Forest facing a unique and spectacular landscape of mountains has five houses, a deck, garage, boat ramp, ranch, and cottage and a pier.

Located in southern Rio de Janeiro state, the colonial city of Angra dos Reis was first settled by the Portuguese in the 1500s. Once one of southern Brazil's main ports, Angra's colonial past is evidenced in the city's many churches, cathedrals, and religious festivals.

Angra dos Reis is a popular tourist destination, boasting 365 tropical islands, literally thousands of beaches, and gorgeous emerald-green sea. Diving is one of the area's main attractions, and many visit the area to swim with the vibrant aquatic sea life or explore sunken ships.

The climate is hot and tropical, with high levels of humidity and no dry season. The sometimes heady temperatures are moderated by the refreshing sea breeze.

The nearby Ilha Grande, the largest of Angra's islands, is a true wonderland for the outdoor explorer. The unique and spectacular landscape of mountains, plains and waterfalls provides a stunning backdrop from which to discover the island's countless deserted beaches.

It is not hard to see why many consider Angra dos Reis a paradise on earth.




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